Developing lighting strategy and design philosophy in accordance with the architectural intention, considering environmental and human factors

MLS is an independent specialist lighting design consultancy providing a complete lighting design service. Specializing in architectural and urban integration, innovative natural day lighting and artificial lighting, MLS’ environmental design philosophy aims to integrate and accentuate lighting as part of the whole spatial experience.

We are focused and committed on delivering esthetic and creative lighting design solutions that address the practical aspects of the project and still exceeds our Client expectations.  Our work is distinguished by our attention to details, ability to adapt and respond readily to project developments, communicate our ideas clearly and most importantly articulate the architectural concept into light.

MLS is part of the Meinhardt group, a global multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy with over 3,500 staff in 33 offices worldwide.  Our global presence and international experience allow us to best service our projects across regions.  Unique to MLS is our ability to offer a fully integrated and seamless design in close coordination with engineering teams, project management and planning departments, or be contracted independently.